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FMTV: The “Netflix of Health and Wellness”

Food Matters TV is a revolutionary platform for the best and most current information on nutrition and health, with guided programs on topics from detoxing and stress relief to how to get better sleep, prepare for the birth of a child and fight cancer and other diseases. James and Laurentine discuss the resources available to help people take charge of their health.

How a Documentary Saved Dad

Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety, James’ dad Roy spent five years bedridden on six prescription medications and gained 50 pounds. “Not one medical professional suggested he change his diet or eating habits or recommended different ways to handle stress. Their advice: take the pills, and we’ll see how it goes,” James recalls. As Roy’s health deteriorated, James and Laurentine set out to find the answers, a journey they chronicled in their internationally acclaimed documentary film “Food Matters” (2008).

Natural Health: Convincing a Skeptic

“One big problem we had was that my father didn't take anything we said seriously, mostly because we are not medical doctors,” James recalls. So James and Laurentine showed Roy their raw footage all of the doctors, nutritionists, scientists and wellness experts they had been interviewing during his illness. That prompted him to change his diet, get off prescription drugs and turn his life around.

“You Are What You Eat” Beats “Better Living through Chemistry”

James and Laurentine discuss why ordinary people from Australia to Europe to the United States are rejecting the high monetary and health costs of the medical/pharmaceutical complex in favor of simple, natural and cost-effective measures they can take to improve their health.

Audit Your Fridge

To help James’ dad get well, he and Laurentine conducted a “fridge audit.” “We threw out any food that wasn’t real. This included all of the diet products, all of the processed foods and fats, and all of the factory-farmed meat and dairy.” They discuss how to do a “fridge audit” ­– and the real foods you should buy to replace the fake stuff.

DIY Multimedia for Health

Food Matters TV is the first streaming video on-demand platform devoted to better health and nutrition. James and Laurentine discuss the online tools they provide to help people improve their health, including social media, coaching and on-demand guided programs.

10 Days to Sleep Better, Stress Less

One of the most popular new guided programs offered on FMTV is the “10 Day Sleep & Stress Program.” James and Laurentine share some of the resources and topics covered, such as better sleep and weight loss; women, hormones and stress; overcoming insomnia; conquering fear and stress; chronic stress and adrenal fatigue; and secrets of deep breathing.

Detox & Cleanse: A Fresh Start

These ancient practices can help people “hit the reset switch” on their health to overcome problems such as fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, mood swings, low sex drive, headaches and weight issues. James and Laurentine discuss tips from FMTV’s 5-part online workshop including healing through food, the power of smoothies, benefits of juice cleansing, debunking diet and weight loss myths, and emotional cleansing and transformation.

Baby Matters

James and Laurentine share their personal experience with the birth of their son Hugo, including challenges they faced, nutritional therapy, hormonal hurdles, food and nutrition during pregnancy, and creating a safe and welcoming space for the new arrival.

Clean Eating for Gut Health

James and Laurentine share expertise from FMTV’s “Healthy Gut Summit” which brings together the world’s leading experts on nutrition and wellness to explore topics such as probiotics, four easy tools to keep you healthy, how to heal a leaky gut and reverse autoimmune diseases, eating psychology, and “personalized lifestyle medicine in the 21st century.”

Meditation, Yoga and Exercise

Laurentine and James share some of the latest benefits of these healthy practices from top experts featured on FMTV.

Making Health Delicious

Gone are the days when healthy eating was bland, boring or unappetizing. James and Laurentine share some of the most exciting and inspiring recipes from Food Matters®, including raw foods for vitality, teas and tonics for better sleep and stress relief, and simple and sensational recipes from around the globe.

Got Questions? Chat Us Up

Laurentine and James discuss their plans to launch a free nutrition chat line in fall 2017, featuring Food Matters online “angels” to answer people’s health and nutrition questions.

Hungry for Change

People continually try and fail to lose weight through the latest fad diets or weight-loss products. James and Laurentine share what they learned in producing their documentary “Hungry For Change” to help people “escape the diet trap” and deal with excess weight, food cravings, emotional eating, high blood pressure, and addiction to processed and sugary foods.

Education: Healthcare of the Future

In a media landscape that’s usually focused on problems or escapist entertainment, Food Matters TV exists to inspire people with solutions so they can live healthier and happier lives. “Our belief is that with access to good quality information, people can invariably make better decisions for their health,” James says.
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